Brans–Dicke Unimodular Gravity


Almeida AMR, Fabris JC, Daouda MH, Kerner R, Velten H, Hipólito-Ricaldi WS. Brans–Dicke Unimodular Gravity. Universe [Internet]. 2022;8 (8).


We propose a unimodular version of the Brans–Dicke theory designed with a constrained Lagrangian formulation. The resulting field equations are traceless. The vacuum solutions in the cosmological background reproduce the corresponding solutions of the usual Brans–Dicke theory but with a cosmological constant term. A perturbative analysis of the scalar modes is performed and stable and unstable configurations appear, in contrast with the Brans–Dicke case for which only stable configurations occur. On the other hand, tensorial modes in this theory remain the same as in the traditional Brans–Dicke theory.