Improved bioceramic coatings reinforced by nanostructured talc


Batista AB, Stanley M, de Brito ACF, Vasconcellos R, Munk M, José-Bueno M, Godoy C, de Alvarenga ÉC, de Vasconcelos CKB, Righi A, et al. Improved bioceramic coatings reinforced by nanostructured talc. Surface and Coatings Technology [Internet]. 2022;441 :128589.


Nano-talc was successfully incorporated in the hydroxyapatite matrix via pulsed electrodeposition after being obtained using an eco-friendly liquid-phase exfoliation process. Scanning electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, Raman spectroscopy, corrosion and wear resistance, and cytocompatibility tests were used to characterize the biocomposite ceramics. Talc significantly improves the nanomechanical and wear properties of bioceramics (i.e., higher stiffness, reduced friction coefficient, and lower wear damage) as well as corrosion resistance. Talc does not induce cytotoxic activity in in vitro cells and may induce bone maturation as per biocompatibility tests.