Ripples and grains segregation on unpaved road


da Silva TM, Bernardes AT. Ripples and grains segregation on unpaved road. International Journal of Modern Physics C [Internet]. 2018;29 (12) :1850120.


Ripples or corrugations are common phenomena observed in unpaved roads in less developed countries or regions. They cause several damages in vehicles leading to increased maintenance and product costs. In this paper, we present a computational study about the so-called washboard roads. Also, we study grain segregation on unpaved roads. Our simulations have been performed by the Discrete Element Method (DEM). In our model, the grains are regarded as soft disks. The grains are subjected to a gravitational field and both translational and rotational movements are allowed. The results show that wheels’ of different sizes, weights and moving with different velocities can change corrugations amplitude and wavelength. Our results also show that some wavelength values are related to specific wheels’ speed intervals. Segregation has been studied in roads formed by three distinct grain diameters distribution. We observed that the phenomenon is more evident for higher grain size dispersion.